Why is MICROSEAL better?…


MICROSEAL… Common Fabric Protectors…
Permanent (will survive many cleanings) Temporary (removes after cleaning according to 3M & DuPont)
Sun Fade / UV Protection (Near 100% on many fabrics) None
Environmentally Safe (no fluorochemicals, zero VOC’s) Fluorochemicals (EPA has asked industry to phase out by 2015)
Independent Lab Tests to back all claims None
Protects ALL fabrics (including smooth leather) Not recommended on certain fabrics
Nanotechnology penetrates fibers only (won’t seal in dirt) Coater (must be applied to clean fabrics only or will seal in dirt)
Aerospace safe and approved Fluorochemicals cause toxic fumes in the event of a fire


MICROSEAL… Common Fabric Protectors…
Life Time Service Warranty (unlimited) 3 to 7 years(VERY limited)
Warranty handled by local cheerful service person Warranty handled by out of state operator (with a script)
NO “small print” to void warranty

  1. Unlimited help over the phone any time
  2. Quick, professional onsite service any time(Special discounted service fee applies)
  3. If customer dissatisfied – Full Refund
Small print in contract voids 95% of all warranty claims!Can’t find receipt? – VOID, …Unknown stain? – VOID,Did not address the stain within 1-5 days? – VOID,Addressed the stain yourself? – VOID,

Did not have a certified technician address the stain? – VOID,

Did not have the item cleaned by an approved company in past 2 years

(and show receipt) – VOID, Heavy traffic area? – VOID,

Act of God? – Sorry, VOID, etc. etc.


Independent Lab Tests
Safer for the Family
Safer for the Family



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